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01:22pm 20/09/2006
mood: bouncy
the numa numa kid has a new video.
exercise your power   
08:24am 14/09/2006

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12:22am 04/09/2006
mood: jubilant
bursted! this week is already looking up.
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10:52pm 20/08/2006
mood: aggravated
just spent an hour and a half sitting in traffic on the freeway. it took us an hour to go four miles. turned out, there was an accident ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FREEWAY, and the geniuses on my side were stopping to look. i wasted an hour of my life on that shit. to add insult to injury, i was out of cigarettes and running on gas fumes at the time. poop.
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12:26am 10/08/2006
mood: sore
matisyahu at the greek = awesome.
his little dancing friend = made my day.
i've got to learn how to do that.

the accident we got into before the concert was not so awesome. my neck hurts, but hopefully nothing as fucked up as last time.
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10:50pm 29/07/2006
mood: pissed off
i'm trying to read an (older) article from rolling stone about the pschology and methodology of basic training. Dad recommended it to me as being accurate to his remembrances, and a good way to get perspective on T's sudden enthusiasm for going back to iraq. i haven't gotten through it yet, it's seriously upsetting me. interesting fact tho': in 1947, a study claimed that 75% of american soldiers failed to shoot back when fired upon. within the next year the army distributed a "revised program of instruction" to officers and drill instructors, changing the emphasis from "kill the enemy" to "protect your buddy". by the korean war, the firing rate was up to nearly 60%; by vietnam, 90%, by the gulf war it was 98%. in iraq, the failure to fire rate is considered statistically insignificant. nice to know the 2 billion the army spends on basic training is not wasted.
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filled with good news today   
11:47pm 28/07/2006
mood: cranky
something awful:

and something else awful:
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11:40pm 24/07/2006
mood: lonely
dad is in the hospital with some kind of spinal meningitis and tony is gone to san diego for two months. i drowneth my sorrows in a pint of ben and jerry's.
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12:03am 18/07/2006
mood: pessimistic
my father is now listed, by name on a jewish website(i'm not sure which one, didn't bother to ask), as an anti-semite. apparently he approved a cartoon for the paper that "they" didn't like, and someone inside the paper
"turned him in". the world gets weirder every day.
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females and food cravings   
03:50pm 14/07/2006
mood: busy
narya(the little red dog), is not into food. she is into her ball, usually to the exclusion of all else, including her own mealtimes, and ours. this is in direct contrast to finn, a true "friend of the stomach", who has tried, and continues to insist on his share of such snacks as: watermelon, pickles, carrot sticks and even cooked asparagus. the only thing i've ever seen him spit out was edamame, but it took about ten minutes for him to completely give up on it.
recently, however, i have discovered narya's secret food obsession. i should have seen it when tony was able to bribe her into friendship by sharing a bag. yesterday it was proven beyond a doubt when she actually DROPPED HER BALL, a thoroughly unprecedented act, in order to partake in her share of my cheetos. she even distinguishes between a bag of cheetos and another less interesting snack/chip similarly packaged. i haven't quite figured out why she likes them so much, but she prefers regular crunchy, but eats flaming hots with apparent enjoyment, and some wincing(just like the rest of us).

i am determined to turn this discovery to my advantage somehow, perhaps as a new angle to training her, but haven't quite worked the details out yet.
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01:24pm 10/07/2006
mood: jubilant
yay! my abcess ruptured on its own. no painful incising!
and on the other hand, eew.
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for all my nerds   
03:48pm 07/07/2006
Your Linguistic Profile:
45% General American English
30% Yankee
15% Upper Midwestern
5% Dixie
0% Midwestern
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11:10am 05/07/2006
mood: busy
"man as moralist is essentially a complainer."
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12:57am 05/07/2006
mood: moody
so apparently, i look mexican. i know this because whenever tony and i walked down the street together in mexico, people spoke english to us. whenever i moved more than four feet away from him, people spoke spanish to me. this made me realize that i actually learned something in all those years of spanish, and while i am not comfortable speaking it, i do understand fairly well.
not only do i look mexican to the locals, but apparently to my fellow americans as well. while we were buying bottled water at a local liquor store in rosarita late on sat night, tony was suddenly addressed by a fairly inebriated frat boy who leaned up next to him and initiated conversation with an abrupt "so what is the best pick-up line for the local girls?".
tony looked at him slightly askance and said "i don't know, ask a local taxi driver, they always know."
to which the frat boy responded by leaning further forward, looking across tony to me and asking "well, how'd you get her?"
"i brought her from home."

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03:58pm 03/07/2006
mood: exhausted
this is the post to let you know that the post on my trip across the border will be shortly forthcoming. as soon as i relax for a minute(or a day or two). let us begin by saying...my parents are not amused.
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10:04pm 30/06/2006
mood: mellow
not much to say really. i hated the superman movie. hated lois lane/kate bosworth. hated the dumb "plot twist". hated the wimpy version of superman. didn't actually hate the dude who played superman, could have lived with him channeling christopher reeves mannerisms for all he was worth, if they had given him more to work with (in the two hours and fourty minutes they took with it!!!). i suspect gabriel is about to disagree with this. please explain to me why i should not hate this movie.

my trip to mexico now incorporates a barbeque in fullerton on the way. leaving sat and getting back sunday(i think), so not a lot of time will actually be spent in el foreign country.

another trip to urgent care. sucks.
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more sound bites   
12:18pm 27/06/2006
mood: tired
i learned that my intuition can in fact be relied on. who knew?
my car broke down....four times in the last five days. that means, it was fixed and then broke down again four times, not that i just kept trying to drive on the original brokeness. the mechanic threatened to buy me a new car, cuz he's a little tired of seeing me.
i think we're going to mexico this weekend. i have no further details; tony's taking care of that part...my mission is to not get too shy around his sister. oy.
and last but not least, mom seems to have decided not to have radiation. no further comment.
10:45am 23/06/2006
mood: contemplative
i love having friends who are brilliant with computers.
this mystery might get solved after all.
01:08am 13/06/2006
mood: restless
it's hard to form a solid opinion on engagement rings when you've spent 26 years willfully ignoring the things.
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being "fussed over properly"   
08:52pm 07/06/2006
mood: loved
i really missed that whole lay in bed and read together thing. i have to admit tho', that trying to read the same book at the same time might not be the best plan, as it involves a lot of position adjusting, and trying to hold the book right, and the complicated issue of timing, not to mention other distractions. all in all, the fact that we only managed to read about seven pages in an hour was just about balanced by the sheer sweetness of it all, but next time, i think i'll opt for a separate book.
next time, i think i'll also opt out of the miserable stomach-virus/bug/food poisoning that has afflicted me for the last three days, but i wouldn't say it was all bad.